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A Call to Arms

“Kobolds! To the east!”

Oh great. More calls for the already-overtaxed small militia, which has already in this week been called upon by Upper Dracrost on a foray across the mountains into the Kingdom of Dauma, and also another call to fend off the raiding goblins.

Springpond (named for the body of water that forms just north of the surrounding farmland, formed from winter snow runoff) is a small thorp of no more than 190 people (well, judging from how the recent battles went, no more than 180 now). Despite its small size, its positioning just a few hours’ travel between the larger towns of Upper and Lower Dracrost has made it a popular throughpoint for travellers who, for certain reasons or other, wished to travel between the two towns while avoiding the main roads through the easy plains and light woods.

“Kobolds!” comes the call again. “I want every able-bodied man able to help to assemble at the east gate!” A pause, and then: “And every willing woman and child too, I guess.” They are getting desperate.

A dark mood falls as farmers start coming in through the palisade gates, and mercenary travellers begin to prepare to give assistance in the Quietmeadow Inn…

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